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Default Advice on changing to new slalom kit ...

Hi there,

Need some advice on changing kit to the new slalom shapes.

I have been sailing for a number of years on RRD Slalom Racing 81 (year 99 - 100 ltrs) and RX1 6.1 and 7.2 fully powered up. Been a joy to sail this board as it is blisteringly quick although not very forgiving.

For lightwind days I am on formula kit.
I am a good intermediate sailor and weigh 83kgs.

I am also upgrading my sails/masts to the new RS racing by NP.

If I wanted to replicate the same set up would a Isonic 111 or 101 be better?

I am also contemplating filling the hole to formula kit by getting a 8m2 sail with potentially a larger volume slalom board perhaps Isonic 133.

When the wind really picks to stronger the 6.2m I move onto wave kit.

Advice would be much appreciated.


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