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Default Bad F162

Very bad experience with the new formula 162 I have found it very difficult to ride it is heavy on the water I prefer the f161
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i use it, and i start to have good feelings on it.

I use R13S70 R+6 & R13M R+4 fins on this board. And my first troubles were that my sail was not powerfull enough to be able to foil on it !!

May be i will rerake my R13S in R+8 and R13M in R+6.
The mast is on the recommanded position, and the wishbone sets to the upper max.

My weight is 96Kg. and i use RS6 12.5mē & RS6 9mē. I'am not competitor.
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Old 8th August 2008, 12:13 AM   #3
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Thumbs up Starboard 162

Hi Guys

I have heard from a few of you that you have some issues with the 162...

I have been on all boards from 158 - 162 and the 162 is my favorit...I find it easy to sail and extremely fast. I have 4 boards and they all feel the same.
At the Europeans I had quite a board speed and on upwind in up to 16 knots I had and edge on most sailors. The board is quick and already made a lot of bullets...And soon it will win...

The most important with the 162 is getting the rigth fin and the fin that comes with the board is actually not that bad. However, a kashy, Hurricane og Deboichet will performe better, but it all depends on your level and the purpose of use with the board.

Tips for racers...
1. Use the bom high to apply pressure on the fin
2. Put the track back, and trust me, it can go a lot further back than the last "line" written on the board.
3. Apply a little more downhaul to the sail as you would normaly do. I see a lot of NP sailors with way to little downhaul...
4. Move the straps back and ride the board on the fin at all times...
5. Try to get a softer fin, rather than a stiff one..The soft ones will lift the board out of the water...

If you want to sail the board flat, wait for it to be 20 + knots...Then its about control and the board needs a different technique and stands and you can use a stiffer fin...

Try to get a fin that has no twist but a lot of flex in the tip. Less twist gives more power and more flex makes you 162 sit on the tail/fin and it will then sit high on the water and eventually give you the speed you want...

If you start to play with the fin rake, please be aware that if you have a "cut down" fin then there will be a vertical lift, meaning that the tail will lift up and put the nose down, therefore adjust your mast track always...

Most of you probaly have a Hurricane og Deboichet. I have never tried a deboichet in the board, they are hard to get but know that a lot of sailors uses Hurricane or VMG fins with big succes.

Try the the steps above and see how it goes...I you are still not going, please put another post or send a mail and I will try to help out as good as I can...

I know a lot of other sailors dont use it, personally I think they should try harder, the board is easy if you know what you are doing...Use the tips :-)

All the best

Jesper / DEN-111
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Old 8th August 2008, 05:26 PM   #4
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hello Den.
thanks for your answers.
(sorry for my english i'am french)...

I have bought a F162 and have hard starting with it (i was on F2 FXIII 100 before)

After several sailing ,i start to have good feelings on it but, as i have written upper, i'am not sure that rake of my fins fits to the board. The board is very fin sensitive (i have try a R19S--Rake+6, Drake R19 Rake+8, R13M+ R+4, R13S R+6)

So i have troubles the lift the board.

First i use straps full on the rear, and the track back on recommended position (if i put it more on the back, the sailing position is not confortable, i sail with only RS6 12.5mē )

With a more powerfull sail (little downhaul), the lift is better but not as i wish.

So my idea was to increase de rake fo my R13S Fin of be "more on the fin", but i don't know if it will work.
Increasing the rake of a fin will artificialy put it more harder, so i will lose lift effect created by the rigidity of the fin ?!

anyway, I will retry to change the track back position and to see what appends.

I need more sailing again to be close to my good settings.

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Old 8th August 2008, 10:22 PM   #5
sergio k
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I would agree with Jesper , on his comments, just want to add,
that I feel all new formula boards to some degree require better more powerfull, softer
fins, otherwise it feels like you need an extra 1m2 of sail size, but if you get
the right fin / move mast track back/ move boom higher (all comparing to older
formulas) the boards will work better than prious ones, plus I hear that
162 needs time to dial into. Gaastra formula I hear is one that's 'eazy out of the box',
but with few sessions under the belt, any new formula will be as good as the rider...
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Old 8th August 2008, 11:19 PM   #6
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I am not picking on Starboard, but it seems to me that most manufactures of all sorts of things like windsurfing gear, cars, skiis, clothes, etc. feel compelled to have a new model every year. Almost all new models have design changes, which aren't always better than the previous year. Of course this is marketing. If the new one isn't promoted as being better than the old one, then people will just stay with the old model for a longer period of time and sales go down.

Sometimes the consumer justs gets stuck with an inferior product because marketing and sales were the driving force, not performance.

However, If some other companies formula board is preceived to be performing better than the 162, Starboard should be working very hard to make improvements. I would expect that and hope they find the answer.

Boards that are so sensitive to tuning and fin selection scare away the "weekend formula sailor" like myself. I have the 160 and will be thinking about replacing it with the 163, but I will wait until I see what people are saying about it before I buy. I am not in a position to buy a quiver of fins, just to make a new board work correctly.

I am a big Starboard supporter and have had good luck with their products (F175, F147, F160, iS 111), but as you can see, I am not compelled to upgrade every year. I race, but not often enought to get newest and best every year.

Just some thoughts from one of the consumers.
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Old 9th August 2008, 01:51 AM   #7
sergio k
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Ken, all you need is 1 new fin, softer fins have a better wider range,
price is between 300/500/800 $, I'm a weekend warrior myself, but as it being written
before fin is the cheapest part of windsurfing gear that often overlooked,
and on formula with jumbo fins, it's role increases.
from what I understand, with FOD proposal *board is coming out with very good production
fin based on latest design...
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Old 9th August 2008, 03:08 PM   #8
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Or take the Select ELITE R03 or R07 they are still the best for formula fins
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Old 10th August 2008, 12:23 AM   #9
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Default 162

I Had A 162 And Also Found It Very Difficult To Ride.i Tried Different Fins But Decided It Was To Big For My 67kg.i Sold It And Now Have A 160 Which Is So Easy To Sail.i Think The 162 Is A Great Board But Think You Need To Be A Big Sailor To Get The Most Out Of It.i Have Also Sailed The Exocet Board Which Is Very Nice And Very Similar To The 160.

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Old 11th August 2008, 04:59 PM   #10
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It seems that EXO works nicely for light racers,
but heavy one's have some little problem's in light wind.
Not enough volume in the back for them.

Big sailor => 162
Ligtht sailor => EXO

For the fin's probably the same Kashy or R20
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