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Default evo 70 vs. evil 74

Hi all (and Ola in particular),

Im planning to buy a new waveboard in 2009. Im now on a 74 evo wood from 2005. I love this board but it sometimes feels a bit big in strong winds and bigger waves. Im 75 kg and mainly sail german and danish northsea, baltic sea and for holidays a couple of weeks in cape town. My sails are 4,2; 4,7; 5,3. Good turnabillity and holding speed for Waveriding, even small mushy stuff, is the most important feature a waveboard must have for me.

Like you advised in the past an evo 70 would be the next step for me I guess. But the evil twin 74 sounds interesting too.

Which board would you recommand with which construction - wood or carbon/wood? What are the main differences between evo 70 2008 and 2009 and which one is more "allround"?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers Karl
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The 08 EVO 70 in practice sails a bit bigger because it had a bit thicker rails. The 09 is thinner, more like the 07 but with a few other changes like a new nose shape and flatter deck to give it a livelier feel.

Comparing ET 74 and E70: Overall they are kind of similar in feel and also in range. The ET has that distinctive twin fin feel in the top turns though - super loose and you can get away with more "strange" turns and simply have more command over the top turn, particularly on a steep wave. You need a bit less power to turn it hard in the bottom turn also. Upwind and planing is kind of similar and which board that wind that depends a bit on which fins you have on them.

The EVO 70 feels a bit more precise and I would say its nicer in a drawn out top turn and when you want to carry a lot of speed with you _from_ the top turn, not just into it. I would say that overall the E70 feels more balanced and just like super fine tuned shape with no quirks. But that said, I've almost exclusively been on the ET 74 since I got it, despite having an E70 too. But maybe that is the novelty factor.

If I had to pick one its veeery hard to say. I KNOW the E70 perform in every kind of wave for me. So a safe choice. But the top turn of the ET74 is just so nice so maybe the slightly less "polished" feel is worth it?

It's impossible to say what will work best for you. ET 74 is you feel experimental and E70 if you want to play safe, maybe.

Construction: I think the Woodcarbon ones feel very nice on the water. but wood is cheaper and a safe bet because of the proven dur-x construction. Wood boards have worked well for year, and they work well also now, despite something lighter being available. But again, if you have the money woodcarbon is the iceing on the cake.

Here is the ET 74 in action in Sweden:

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