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Default Flare '09

I am sailing a '07 Flare 111 and it is an amazing board. I want to upgrade it to a '09 Flare but I don't know if I should order the 98l or the 106l. My weight is 85kg. I find my Flare 111 has good control when the wind goes up (despite the big volume) but I want to change for a slightly smaller one. I am thinking the 98l will be a bit small in lighter winds and I may have problems to get planning. I would like to know if the 106l works fine on stronger winds. My spot is Las Cucharas, Lanzarote. During the 2008 PWa event, I saw all the pros sailing freestyle boards in the reef doing high shakas, push loops, etc. I would also like to know if I could use the 106 not only for freestyle moves but for more aerial moves, etc. I have done mast high forward loops with my flare 111 but it feels a bit too big.
Instead of having two wave boards, I would like to have a freestyle board for medium winds and a wave board for strong winds as the big waves in my spot come with the strong winds. Will the 106 litre board have good performance in light/medium winds or will the 98 be better? (given my 85kg).

Thank you.
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Hi , forget the 98 ! with 85 kilos it will be too small ...the best choice you can do is the flare 106 wood carbone ! i've the 98 flare wood carbone ( my weight is 72 kg !) and i can say you it's the best board i 've ever had ! it's fantastic ! the sensation is incredible and now i try to do moves that i couldn't do before ! even for to do freeride it' s a marvellous board ! if you buy one you will be very happy !
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