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Default honest opinion on st 104

I have the chance to buy at a good price an imaculate s-type 104. think it's an early one has small round holes for fin bolts. I had a 115 when they were first introduced but found it too small for the sail range I wanted to use so swapped it for a larger carve.I have sails ranging from 9.5 to 4.5 and boards from formulae to 95 wave board. I would use the st in the sail range 5.2 to 6.5. I'm 87k sail off shore in flat to moderate chop and small onshore waves. I have trawled the archives and see that some highly rate the st and others say they are not very good.I didn't use the 115 very long so can't compare it with the carve,anyway the 104 is probably a totally different board. I have had a very short demo on the board just out and back a couple of times in a very iffy shifty wind(Actually used a 7.5 on it) only just powered up it felt lively and gybes well enough. I would like to hear from the team or anyone who has or has had a 104.On their opinion of the board.If you haven't sailed one please don't cloud the issue only want acual experience,not unfounded opinion Cheers ken
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Chris Pressler
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Hi Ken,
I sailed all sizes of the s-types. My favourites were the 104 and 126. Would describe the board definitely lively and great in the jibe. Comapred to the Carve it accelerates much quicker and you can carve the board much harder in the jibes. Also works excellent for airmoves and basic freestyle tricks. The boardconcept has been designed for the super-X, for spinloops, speed, chophops, duckjibes and spocks.
The boards felt stiff and relatively direct for a starboard. Would guess that your sailsizes work great on this size. You definitely will need some wind. For onshore waves the board is not the number one choice. You would need a more wave oriented model like a big EVO.


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Hi Ken,

I'm using my ST104 a lot (have that one with small round holes for the tuttle screws) and I'm very pleased with it.

For me (73 Kg), it's perfekt from 5.7 to 7.8m sails, for you (87 Kg) it will be perfekt from 5.0 to 7.0m, at least for the mentioned 5.2 to 6.5m range.

The S-Type 104 is a really fast board, that means, that you are more flying than riding on the water. It's definitely not as smooth a ride as on a carve, especially, when full powered. So be aware to have the balls for it, as it seems, that there is no speed limit, when you really holds on.

Gybing is pretty easy and you can hold on for top speed in the turns. You will love that.

When not in plane, it's pretty easy to handle - at least for my weight.

But there are some disadvantages:
The S-Type 104 is not the first, getting in plane. And if there is not enough wind, it's easy to fall off the plane. So for very unsteady conditions, it's not my first choice.

It's a Super-X board and Chris wrote about, what the board is made for. I agree to that, but one thing should be mentioned: the S-Type is pretty different in chophops than other boards. But after a while, you can manage that.

One last thing: the S-Type is a little bit critical with mast position and fins (like most SL boards are). To get the best performance out of this board, you should be a bit more advanced than the avarage sailor ... for trimming and sailing !

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thanks guys it's about what I though,going to buy it anyway too good to miss,could probably sell it on e bay for more than I'm going to pay for it,if I don't like it cheers
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