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Nick F
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Cool Futura 144 V Formula Board

Hi, Can anyone tell me if there would be any big difference in the Futura 144 and the Formula board. I have a Futura 144 and use a Lightning 9.4 and find it very good, but would like to go bigger on sail size to get planning in lighter winds.
Would the formula board be worth spending the extra money for how much quicker would you get on the plane, and would the Formula board be harder to windsurf than the Futura 144. Any comments would be great. Any tips and advice on Formula windsurfing would be magic. Thanks
P.S I have had Starboard Express and Start 210 Boards before, but I think they would be a big difference in the Formula?

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Hi Nick,
The keys to early planing are board width and sail size (but a drafty, deep pocket free race sail vs a full on racing sail with less draft and lots of twist at the top).
So, a formula board at 90-100.5 cm wide will plane much earlier than your 79 cm wide 144 Futura.
As for "free riding" on a formula board. you can for sure use a slightly smaller fn and a big drafty 10.0 m2 rig and get planing about as early as anyone, but you will need to learn to pump well.
Getting a formula board to "pop" onto a plane is a skill unto itself. Not difficult to learn, but something that takes a bit of time to get all the little moves and timing correct.
Once you are sailing, the formula board will not jibe quite a nicely as you Futura, but given alot of practice you will learn to jibe the formula board pretty well.
In near perfect conditions your Futura will probably be a bit faster on the top end, but formula boards seem to post speeds around 28-30 knots fairly often on GPS Speedsurfing, and on a 100.5 cm wide board with a huge sail that's almost scary fast.
What you will find on the formula is that you can sail it in a much wider range of conditions, but sailing a big wide board and huge sail will be significantly more "work" than you would need in the same conditions on your Futura 144, but you will not get the extreme range out of your Futura.
Hope this helps,
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Nick F
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Hi Rodger,

Thanks very much for your help and advice. I am not sure what I should do, whether to go for Formula board or not?
The problem I have is I stay in Central Scotland and there is nothing here that you can go and have a shot of any boards like this, even England I am having problems finding such a place where you can hire Formula boards and give it a go.
Looks like I will have to buy another board and rig, and hope itís what I expected. I think my main worry is that I buy the gear and find it harder than I thought. I think I can manage the muscle side of it, but the technical side is another thing?

Many Thanks


Start, Futura, Carve, Kombat and maybe Formula!
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formula, futura 144, racing sail

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