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Default 2003 North Match Race 7.0

Anyone remember the 2003 North Match Race 7.0? I'm planning to sail a lot this year after a couple sporadic years and this would be my (relatively) high wind sail. I'm 190 pounds - used to be expert I'd be using 460 cm dynafiber mast with it. This would be my smallest sail so upper wind range is paramount.

I sailed this sail only twice when I bought it and remember liking it. It seemed to work ok with the dynafiber mast. My boom collapses to 200 cm, so I want maximum upper wind range with a sail a boom at least that long. I refuse to get a smaller boom.

Should I piss off the missus by getting something more modern?? I'm considering springing for a full on used race sail but the sail and mast I have are absolutely pristine.

Would a modern double luff race sail have a lot more upper wind range? From what I remember the match race seemed pretty flat and with 7 battens it should handle lots of wind.

There's a swap meet coming up so I don't have a chance to sail it before I decide to upgrade.
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