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Default Need some buying advice


I wanna continue my old hobby (before I die with regret

I need some advice because i'm totally out of the scene for 15 years or so and I really dont know what is the set for me. (Someone adviced me the Rio 175)

My goal is to enjoy reasonably flat water with a board that is usable in most weather conditions, but the average wind here is 4bf.
I enjoy speed above tricks and would like to be able to plane with 3bf already.
Because of my wheight (130kg) I need some volume I guess.

Is a 12m sail with 3bf adviceable?

Thanks in advance ...

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well, a 12m sail should work quite well in 3bf, however i think your problem is more of could you handle it after 15 years? the equipment DRASTICLY changed over the last 10 years, not to mention 15, it is a totaly different sport now, almost anyways;p the good news is that it has become much more accesable to the general public i find, skill wise anyways... if you can get a hold of some recent gear, and try it out, see what works for you, and ceep in mind that you will progress pretty fast most likely should take that into consideration when buying a new board, i think perhaps the go may work well for you? but at the windspeeds your looking at, make sure you have plenty of back up volume, perhaps formula is the wayto go for you??
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After 15 years off, 130 kg, and with only (?) planing windsurfing in mind I would suggest something like the Futura 155 and a 10 m2 freeride sail.

If you are going to sail only in planing conditions you should not have a dagger (like the Rio). It just adds complexity, weight and resistance.

A 155 liter board will give you just about enough float for uphauling, but 35 liters more than body weight would be better for stability. This kind of a freeride board still turns with some ease compared to a Formula.

A 12 m2 sail is really a handful. If you could manage with a 10 m2 sail you would have much more fun. Such a sail is lighter and easier to manouver. And you should go for a freeride rather than a race sail. A freeride sail is typically easier to rig and handle, and is not just optimized for overpowering winds.

On the other hand, a Formula and a 11 m2 (at least) sail is of course also an option.
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Default details

i.e. can u use harness? footstraps? waterstart? according to these answers select board.

wind: if average is 4bft that is a big windspan. i mean if you think in knots, it goes from 11 kts to 16 kts and therefore you can go thru a variety of sail sizes... what is the windspedd you really r going to sail most days? 3 bft or 4? over that sometimes?

when we have clear picture the ppl on the forum can be more specific i'm sure!
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the AHD Zen Evolution is a great board from the first day, and then is still lots of fun to freeride on and just blast around. the 190l or 230l boards are probobly tour best bet, they also have the "Double Hull" concept that reduces wetted area once out on a plane enabeling you to go much faster. its a great board in almost any wind speed because it has a centerboard, so very good ligh wind ability and very stable.. check it out on the AHD site: http://www.a-h-d.com/boards/windsurf...zen-evolution/
and let me know if you need any more info regarding the board itself, or where to buy it if it sounds interesting to you.. you can personaly contact me at sail4life11@hotmail.com if you wish or can reply on this thread as well
happy shopping,
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Default getting back in windsurfing

most replies here sound like salesmen/women :-)

i also have a preferred board based on my experience, but it is irrelevant

as always, i say - beg , borrow or "steal"
try lessons if @ all possible
things have changed and so have you

people are now using little boards around 80 liters and others are using SUP boards ...
for your weight the board calculator says no smaller than 160 liters
--- the range in sails is similiar - FOR YOUR WEIGHT 12 m sail is good in 3 or 4 beaufort -- 15 to 25 kph about
and for me as always things cost $$$$

beg, borrow, "steal" and try, try stuff

if you were in quebec i could let you try an old longboard, an intermediate old board or a new FW board and you would see the new boards are really different and much "easier" to learn and to plane

wish you lotsa luck - perhaps you never shouda left the sport ? :-)

just kidding - hope you choose the right thing for you and your area !!! "mistakes" are expensive and take up space for nothing

once again, all the best !!!!

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Some good advice here (apart from advertising).
However I wonder if you are setting your goals a bit too high here? 15 years away, 130 kg, you want to plane in 3bf (10 knots or less) and sail "most weather conditions".
No answer is right (and can be a potential costly mistake) at this moment. Listen to Joe and try as much gear as you can (longboards, wide shortboards with and without dagger, large rigs, etc).
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Buy a 380 raceboard and a 9.5 a go anywhere combination !!

My mega cats reaches speeds in excess of 25 kts and I use in winds from 10 to 20 kts +

and you can go somewhere other just reaching to and fro !!!

Add a 120/135 freeride/slalom board for the windy days !!!
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