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Default trouble in "waves"

need a little hint...I can define myself an intermediate surfer, can jibe, tack , hely etc etc butr quite a rookie on waves. I was in a very mushy onshore foamy conditions well powered up with my evo 80l ( 4.7 sail, 25-30 kts, me 85 kilos) one of the first sessions ever with this board. Well when jibing down to the steep chops I ve many times sinked the board on the rails and I was history...I know I bent my knees as usual , I know I haven t pushed too hard on the back foot but instead let the board curve by a distributed pressure on both feet...but ..well that s repeated mistake made me very depressed......wind fell afterward a tad, I swapped board ( kode 112 with 26 fin) sail ( 5.6) and I was jibing and surfing between chops as a charm. wtf was Ipossibly doing wrong with the other board ? as a rookie I couldn t understand myself..if someone can figure this out ...thanx
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i think it might just be that you where a bit under powered on your evo, 25-30knts im on a 4.7, but im about 15kgs lighter then you, and am on a 88l board, so maybe you where just a bit under, if the wind went down a bit and you where perfect on a 5.6 and 112l, i think you just under rigged... 5.6 with your evo would have probobly worked pretty well i would think... anyways, dont beat yourself up over it, it was only your first sesion on the board anyways, it always takes a couple to get used to a new board... give it a little while, juggle around your sails a bit, i think that should solve your problem ;p
fair winds,
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Smaller board, more rocker and gutless waves requires a light touch with your feet and leaning really well forward on the board going into the gybe.

Try a wider gybing arc and more pressure on the front foot and more down force into the mast base.

Experiment with your foot strap positions, mast track position, fin position, fin size, boom height and harness lines length.

Look at the setup of some of your local hotshot sailors and have a chat with them.
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thanx guys a lot!!!!!very much appreciate your help...
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