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Default Evo 90 - 2008 planing performance

I'm looking at buying an Evo 90 Xtv to use as a light wind wave board and B&J. Just wondering how quick the Evo is to get planing when you don't have a wave behind you, for B&J conditions. I'm 87kg, and generally use my JP 78 FSW which planes quite early for the size. What could I expect from the EVO, in terms of planing, using my 5.8m power wave sail.
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The EVO 90 is primarily a wave board and it will not feel as quick as the FSW board you have. For waves with the 5.8 it work amazing for your weight - a perfect match. For B&J it is hard to say how you will feel it works. Many like the EVOs for B&J, but you still can not compare with and FSW board (and conversely, an fsw will not work anywhere near as well as the EVO 90 on a wave).

If the light wind wave thing is you no 1 priority, I think you should go for the EVO 90 and then get a more powerful fin for B&J. Even though planing might not be that much earlier than the smaller fsw, it will still carry a bigger sail better and offer welcome float for marginal gusty days.
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Thanks Ola, good information. Sounds like a kKode may be the better option for my needs.
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