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Default Solo sailing on Gemini Tandem

Hi Roger,

My wife and I are having fun sailing our Gemini together, and I like to continue when she takes a break. But while I can rebalance the sailplan by moving my single rig to the middle position, the footstraps are fixed, so the distance between mast and straps increases by about 1 foot. The result is that while I can still sail fast on a beam or close reach, I can't carve jibe or broad reach with confidence because I can no longer get my feet in the straps. In order to reach them, I'd have to lean forward and off-balance to the extent that I feel vulnerable to being catapulted. Conversely, if I leave the single 9.5m2 rig in the rear tandem position, I can get into the straps but the board no longer feels properly balanced.

I realize that solo sailing was not the primary design goal for this board, but since a mast track was incorporated to allow it, I'd like to take full advantage of the option. Since you had one in your demo fleet, you must have tried sailing it singlehanded. How did it work for you; do you have tips or tricks that might improve my situation, short of adding another set of footstraps?

I should add that I've sailed my FE160 and FF158 quite a bit, and have no problem with the Gemini footstraps when sailing tandem and my rig is in the rearmost position.

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Hi George,
I had the same issues with trying to sail the Gemini solo.
But since quite a bit of my sailing on the Gemini was with beginners (on tiny trailer sails) on the front, I soon found that the board sails quite nicely from the rear ser of footstraps and mast foot position.
Yes, you have to compensate a little to keep the board from going upwind, but that really wasn't the problem I expected.
Hope this helps,
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