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Default evil twin 87 light wind

As a 75 kg sailor i want to select a lightwind wavebaord for european conditions with small waves and strong currents; the evil twin 87 is on my short list but there is no test report to find on the internet. Therefor i ask if anyone has sailed the evil twin 87 in lightwind conditions? ie with sails like 6.0 or 6.5 in onshore conditions. Is it planing as fast as an evo 90.
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i've asked Scotty to comment on this one since I have no experience of the ET87, only the smaller ones. Lets see if he reads mail or is out in the bushes somewhere.
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Hot Ice
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Wink Quad

I feel the Quad may be a better bet.
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Sorry about that
I did reply to this but obviously munsened the sending.
For sure the 87 will be good for this and will handle up to a 6.5
I reckon it gets going as early as the evo 90 too.
Pretty sweet board for how big it is. Pretty easy to throw around
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