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Default futura 133 or 144

I,ve recently moved to Spain and only have a small car. I want to get rid of most of my kit and replace it with one board and three sails (5.5, 6.7, 8.4). I weight 87kg. Which futura would allow me to sail most ?
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Without knowing more, here is my opinion.

Your sails would work best with a Futura 122. However, if you mostly sail in lighter winds (10-15 knots), then the 144 would be best. If usually sailing in slightly higher winds 12-18 knots, then the 133 would be better. If you sail in 15 - 25 knots, then the 122 would be best.

The 133 and 144 work best with sails larger than you have, generally 7.0, 8.0 & 9.0. If you choose the 133 or 144, you probably should add a 9.2 sail to your quiver.

What winds will you be sailing? What is your skill level?

Hope this helps,
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