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Default Bigger sail than advised on Futura 133 ??


I'd like to boost my Futura 133 in minimal wind conditions with a 10 mē sail (ie a Severne Overdrive).

I'm very satisfied with the V8 8.5 in 10-14 knots (my weight : 70 kgs), but I wonder if a 10 m sail will not offer me some advantage in -10 kn conditions... Fact is, I'd like to use my Futura as a "mini formula" by powering it up with a big sail.

However, sail range for the 133 does not exceed 9.5 mē.

Will this half a square metre bring me into trouble?? Or won't a bigger sail mean a significant plus in respect to the 8.5?

Likewise, if I buy the Overdrive 10 mē, I would partner the board with a slightly larger than recommended fin (52 instead of 50 cm).

Is this all "too much" for the board to take?

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Hi Stef
I don't know specifically about Futura133, but I've tried many boards with sails larger than recommended (one of them Tabou Rocket 135, somewhat similar to F133). I'm heavier than you (85kg) and my experience is - it didn't bring me any early planing advantage, it just bogged the board down and it was harder to handle. You are lighter so you could gain something, but I still think that it won't be worth the effort (and cost). And quoted sail ranges are already a bit optimistic in my opinion (I wouldn't want to put anything bigger than about 9 on a F133/width 76/tail 49). To really gain a SIGNIFICANT advantage with a 10m (over your 8.5), you also need a bigger board/more powerfull tail/fin, etc.

Good luck

PS With your weight, I'm guessing you are able to plane with your combo in steady (not holey) 10/11 knots. Below that, it's really a Formula or a longboard territory.

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I've used a 10.5 on the 2006 138 Free Formula with no problems and the specs only call for a maximum of 10.0 meters. I think it really depends on the board. Why not see if you can borrow a 10.0 meter sail from someone and try it or find a cheap one on the internet and give it a try before spending lots of money only to be disappointed.
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