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Default What's wrong with IS 133 or it's just me?

Just bought a 2009 IS 133 for low/mid wind days ie 12-20 knots.Today it was blowing 24-28 kts.I'm 80 kgs and actually I prefer 101-110 Lts in such winds but I was eager to test my new toy.The board came with 52 cm drake fin default.I rigged a 6.5 severne.Straps were outer and back positioned.I consider myself an experienced windsurfer.I have rode countless brand boards from 86 to 160 and sails up to 10.5.
Anyway,I felt something is very wrong from the moment I started.The board wants to turn and go upwind whatever stance I assumed.Played with MFT,harness lines,changed the sail to 7.5,overpowered and things got even worse.Changed the sail to 5.8.Played with downhauls and outhauls.Whatever I did,didn't work.It goes like a sky rocket upwind but I could not persuade the board go downwind!!!

Please don't start briefing me with the going downwind technics.I never had a problem going up or down or left or right or whatever in the last 10 years with any other board.
The starboard dealer is an experienced racer and he was on the beach while I struggled.When I told him that I was sure the source of the problem is the size of the fin,that is too big,he said "No,this is the I-Sonic man,a different breed board, and this is the default fin and this is the best set up.The problem is with you".
He may be right,because this is the first time I rode an IS.Now I feel rookie after all those years of sailing.Is it possible that IS boards are so different?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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I'm not from the team (they will surely give you more accurate feedback) but for sure a 6.5 / 5.8 setup with a 52 fin doesn't sound good at all, far from the "best set up"!

Another thing is you have to get used to the board too, maybe it's better next time you step on it in conditions 12-20 with a 8-10 sail.

These boards have incredible range but for sure they become quite demanding in their upper range (and out-range) so get use to it in better weather.
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Also not from the team, but here is my take on the issue. The iS 133 is a VERY big board for an 80kg sailor in 24-28 knots of wind with a 6.5 sail and 52cm fin. I have an iS 111, weigh 79 kg and find that 20-24 knots is the upper limits with a 6.6 Maui Sails TR 4 and a 42cm fin (should be on a smaller fin - 38?).

With any board in overpowered conditions, they tend to head up. If your back hand is overpowered, you naturally sheet out which takes the pressure off the mast foot and causes you to head up. Trying to turn a board downwind in overpowering conditions is hard to do if you are in both straps.

Another issue may be getting into the back footstrap. At least on the 111, with the outboard straps, it's hard for me to get into the back strap without heading up a bit, then once in the strap with weight on the back foot, the tendency is to keep heading up.

I think it will just take some time for you to get used to the board and I am sure you will find it much easier to manage in 12 - 18 knots which is where it will really perform. I doubt that you will have problems in lighter winds, but the iSonics handle differently than free ride boards and can be quite exciting when fully powered, more so than than the freeride boards of similar volume.

The first time I test rode a formula board was in 20-25 knots and had the same problem you describe. I bought one anyway and learned how to sail in in lighter winds.
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Hi Lasher,
I wrote a reply last nite, but it's disappeared.
But I very much agree with Alex and Ken.
They both make very good points.
You may have hit part of the answer when you questioned the big 52 cm fin.
The iSonics are not formula boards that use huge 64-70 fins in amazing (up to around
30 knots) windspeeds.
They are fast slalom boards, and each of them has an optimum range and at 24+ knots with a 6.5 m2 rig you were definitely well beyond the design range for the iS 133.
Put an 8.5 m2 rig on, in say 12-18 knots, and I think you will find the board is very quick to plane, very fast, and pretty easy to sail fast. They also jibe rather well.
Ken's suggestion that most boards will have upwind tendancies when sailed in far too much wind, with too much fin, and a rig that's well below the design range is right on in my experience as well.
Try the board in it's range, with a min. 7.5 m2 race sail, and I think you will find the upwind issue goes away completely.
But I sympathize with you. When we get a new board/toy, we all want to try it out as soon as we can.
Funny, I had a board shipped to my brother's house on the West Coast USA, and when I got off the airplane from the east coast, all I wanted to do was try that board.
Problem was, it was dark by the time I got to my brothers house and picked up the board.
Ahhhh... I thought, I'll just take the board down to the Marine Stadium and sail under/next to the bridge, which has street lights.
I must confess, it's amazing what we'll do to get out there on that new board.
Little did I realize how quickly the street lights on a bridge fade away as you get further away from the bridge. I will not repeat that trick I can assure you.
Hope this helps,
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Thank you all.
Now I laugh at myself for I've posted such a thread,because I would give exactly the same comments if it weren't me but someone else posted this thread.With the excitement of testing a new board (and not an ordinary board but legendary IS) I seem to forget the simple basics ))
It's expected 17-20 kts tomorrow.I plan to test the board with 7.5 sail and 42-44-46 fins.I am now definitely sure my new boy will do a lot better.
Though the first test was a lot of frustration and struggle,I must admit that riding the IS was a different and exciting experience.It seems I will order an IS 101 very soon )
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man you must be rich! can you order one for me while you are at it?
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I'm afraid 7,5 is still MUCH too big for such a board at your weight.
The 133 is good with 9m and up ... with 7,5 m you should be on a Isonic 94 or 101 (no joking ...)

Your dealer is really bad !

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In the past weeks,I tested IS 133 vigorously in almost every wind speed from 10 kts to 30 kts,fins from 40 to 52 cms and sails 5.5 to 11 sqm.
I found out the performance range of the board 13-18 kts,42-46 fin and 7.5-10 sail.
The sweetest point was 15 kts wind,44 fin and 9.5 sqm severne 3 cams sail.
At this condition board was perfect to ride upwind or downwind,very fast to get to plane,flying over the sea,indifferent to the chops-really it pulls like a fast train,going straight,no hops-and agile when you want it to be-hard to beleive how well such a large board can jibe or fast tack.
But this is no surprise for the 133 was designed exactly for such a work.
Meanwhile,I was testing my new IS 101 too ) but it is completely a different story.Still shaking with pleasure when I remember.What else can I say ))
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Your problem is the price we have to pay for the wide/short modern boards. Its a well known problem since the hypersonic.
1 Lower the boom
2 The mastfoot a bit forward
3 minimize the distance between the front and rearstrap (frontstrap backwards)
4 Smaller fin
5 A real stable sail when well powered up
6 Maximal downhaul

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