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Default Second board


Im an intermediate windsurfer, planning in footstraps, harness, waterstart, working on gybes now.

I have Futura 133 with a 6.5 NCX and 7.5 Element sails.

Im 74kg and sail in flat and choppy waters (spot is 12-25 knots,with futura i'm sailing from 12 to 18 knots).

I want to buy a second board so i can sail to winds from 18 to 25 knots.I was thinking to buy a kode for this work but i cant decide between the 102 L or 112 L.

Can you give me your opinion?

Thanks a lot
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Hi yiannis600,
At your weight, 74Kg/163.1 lbs, I would recommend the Kode 102L.
It will give you more range on the top end (maybe not all the way to a solid
25 knots, but close) and it can still be sailed with both of the sails you have
currently, but you will need to add at least one more sail to really be comfortable
in 25 knots.
Actually 2 more sails would be better.
Something around 5.5 m2 and a small 4.5-5.0 for true 25 knot windspeeds.
Get a few fins for the Kode 102L and you will be set.
Hope this helps,
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Thanks for answer Roger

Which will be the best two sails one 5.7 and the other 5.0 or 5.5 and 4.7.

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Hi yiannis,

Choosing between the three smaller sails depend on how often you get a true 25 knots with higher gusts, verses a true 20 with gusts to 25. The 4.7 will be needed with gusts over 25, but the 5.0 will be good if gusts top out at 25. Skip the 5.5. A one meter jump in sail size from 6.5 and below is a big jump. Ideally, .5 to .7 meter jumps would be best if you can afford the additional sails.

Your 7.5, 6.5, plus the 5.7, 5.0 will give you perfect spacing. Maybe you should go this route with the idea of picking up a 4.2 later for the really windy days (25-30 knots). You will probably need a smaller board too if you get into 30 knot winds.
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