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Default Beginner board choices --

Hi, I'm looking to get my first board and have opportunity to go w/ either Bic Nova or Starboard Rio. Both are used boards from demo/rental fleets, so they are a bit banged up, but oh well. The price is right

I'm a 5'-7", 155lb male, reasonably athletic/coordinated. I have been out on a Bic Nova 210 and also on a Bic Techno 160. My balance/comfort was fine on the Techno 160, but I think I need to start off w/ a daggerboard option. Thus, my choice b/w the Nova and the Rio.

Both the Nova and Rio are avail in med and larger size (Nova 160 or 210; Rio M or L). As far as wind conditions, on weekends I can get to the beach, but also might stay local and just get out on a lake. As such, I would be trying to get out even in light-wind conditions. Strong winds (ocean) would be fun once I get better.

How do the Nova and Rio compare to each other? Any pros/cons, given my weight and sailing range? Should I go w/ smaller (160 or M) or larger (210 or L)? I would prefer a sportier board compared to a floating ice cooler

Thanks for any input. I am hoping to make my decision soon!
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Hi imbrooks,
Do you have any idea what year model the Rio boards you are looking at are?
If you can get the serial number (it's under the nose on most Rios) we can figure out
which version of the Rio you are looking at.
The early Rios were simply Start boards with different graphics, so they would be shorter
very wide (90-100 cm). At your weight the Nova 160 might be a better choice than an early Rio L or M..
The later Rio's are much better as they have alot more glide and work as a large shortboard significantly
better than the Start based Rios.
The Rio M should be good for you if it's the one that is 85 cm wide.
Check the archives on this webisite if you want to see the differences between the 08-2010 Rios and the
earlier Start based Rios.
Hope this helps,
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Roger, thanks for your quick reply and advice. I think the board in question is a later version Rio, but I will verify..

Also, if I was going to start w/ just one sail, what size you recommend? If I was going to go w/ two sails, which sizes. Again, I'm 155lbs. Largest I have used so far is 5.0 on rental boards in light/moderate conditions.

Thanks, and on a separate note, this forum is great reading for somebody just getting into the sport and trying to soak up as much information as possible!
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