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Default Biggest sail I can use?

Hi all,
I recently bought a new starboard Rio (s), After using it only a handfull of times I am beginning to think I chose the wrong sail size.
The package I bought was a ....Rio (s) board / Tushingham freewave 45, 430cm mast / 30 cm prolimit mast extention / Aeron 140-190 (I think) mct 29 boom / Tushingham storm force 10 5.5m sail.

I only started windsurfing two months ago but feel I should be going a lot faster.
I can't wait to get on the plane but feel the sail is holding me back.

So I am wondering If I need a bigger sail and if so what type/size should I go for?
Also would I be able to just buy a sail or would I need a bigger mast/boom ect: ?

I weigh 75kg
and the wind speed has been around 10-16 mph on the lake I sail in Wakefield.

Any help much appreciated :>)
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It depends. i'm no expert at wind speed, but a 5.5 sail will only be good in strong wind... the 10-15 mph wind should be enough to plane with a bigger sail... a 5.5 is a beginner sail and if you want you can get a sail (freeride or something) about 7sq m... if you want more, though i wouldn't go bigger than a 9 at your skill level. Try using it a bit more (are you sheeting in enough?) and improve your technique, THEN get a bigger sail. if you want, try to find one with the same size mast, though that's probabally easier said than done ^^. you will probabally have 2 change the boom though... and if you want you can sell the other sail afterwards ps. if so, how much will you sell it for? i'm thinking of getting a sail around that size...
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Hi Unreg,
I would agree, for 10-16 mph you chose a sail that is really too small for a 75 Kg. ( 165.3 lbs.) sailor on a Rio S.
The 5.5 m2 Tush Storm will be what you need, at around 20-22 knots, but by then the Rio S will be getting a little too big for the conditions.
For 12-16 mph a 6.5 -7.5 m2 rig will be what it takes to get planing at your weight.
You've also purchased a fairly heavy 45% carbon mast. It will be durable, that's for sure, but for free ride
sailing, anything < 75% is overkill on durability, and you will really feel the added weight.
From the Tushingham line up, a 7.5 T4 with a 460 cm Carbon 75 mast would be my suggestion.
You also probably need a longer boom as well.
You will be able to use your existing 5.5 Storm, FreeWave 45 mast, and boom when you get wind conditions in the 18-22 knot range (20.7-25.3 miles/hr).
Ultimately you will want about 3 sails for the 10-20 knot range.
You have the 5.5, add a 6.5-7.0 m2 and later get an 8.5 m2 for windspeeds < 13 mph.
Hope this helps,
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